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From our Quick Start guide, which gives new users a valuable overview of system features, to detailed installation guides, IceWarp administrators have easy access to essential information.

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start guide familiarizes first-time users of IceWarp Server with the administration interface.

Installation Guide

The Installation Guide provides a step-by-step description of the installation process and includes installation prerequisites.

Installation and Control in Linux

This guide identifies installation prerequisites, describes how to install IceWarp Server, and explains how to control its services in Linux.  It also details the differences between Windows and Linux, migration from Windows, Aspell dictionaries and dynamic library dependencies.

IceWarp Server Configuration

This manual covers various ways of IceWarp Server administration including standalone GUI application, web based interface and a command line utility.

IceWarp Server Upgrade Best Practices

IceWarp Server Upgrade is there for the seamless process of upgrade to the latest version from any of the earlier server version. 



Mail server, IM and VoIP

Our Communication reference guides help keep an IceWarp Server running smoothly. Topics include the management of the Email, IM, VoIP, SMS, FTP and Web Server.

Web Server

Web Service Reference details the capabilities of IceWarp Web Server, how to configure website hosting, and more.

FTP Server

FTP Service Reference describes many features and benefits of IceWarp FTP Server, including file storage areas, backup scenarios, etc.

Voice Over IP Server

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows phone calls via SIP clients, including Outlook Connector and IceWarp WebClient. The VoIP Server Reference provides the information needed to launch the SIP feature.

Instant Messaging Server

IM Server Reference describes the many features and benefits of IceWarp IM Server.

Mail Services Management

Administrators can use this guide to learn about the SMTP service, security settings, rules and content filters, and the mail archive.

Domains and Accounts

This reference describes the management of Domains and Accounts, and Global Settings and Policies. It also explains Rules, Limitsand Regular Expressions.


IceWarp's offers comprehensive antispam, antivirus and communication security. Whether an administrator seeks a basic deployment or a more sophisticated solution, these guides provide detailed instructions.

Antispam Reference Manual

Administrators seeking a more finely-tuned antispam solution should read IceWarp's AntiSpam Reference Manual. It covers a number of options and explains how to deploy a plan that meets specialized needs.

Antivirus Protection

The AntiVirus Reference Manual describes IceWarp's AntiVirus engine, including the scanning of both incoming and outgoingmessages, scanning during SMTP transmission, and more.

IceWarp SSL Certificate Deployment

This guide walks you through choosing, ordering, configuring, and installing the IceWarp SSL and S/MIME certificates for increased communication security, privacy and message reliability.

IceWarp SSL Certification Practice Statement

This archive contains the current Certification Practice Statement (CPS) including amendments and later revisions, which outlines the legal, commercial and technical principles and practices that IceWarp employs in approving, issuing, using and managing of digital certificates.


By referring to our documentation on mobility, administrators and users can remain mobile and fully synced. Topics include ActiveSync, SyncML, SyncML Push, and the configuration for many devices, including iPhone, Windows Mobile, and RIM Blackberry.

SMS Service Reference

SMS Service Reference is an easy guide to configure SMS Services on IceWarp Server to send or receive SMS, extend CRM apps by text messaging capabilities and much more. 

SyncML Guide

The SyncML Guide explains how administrators can use SyncML (Synchronized Markup Language) to synchronize groupware itemswith mobile devices.

Exchange ActiveSync - Setup of Mobile Devices

The Exchange ActiveSync Guide explains how users can use ActiveSync to synchronize groupware items between IceWarp Server and various mobile devices, including iPhone, Windows Mobile, and others. It also explains security policies, offers troubleshooting, and more.


IceWarp provides valuable reference on how to unify a workforce with effective collaboration. Collaboration become easy once users have the ability to access and share their information, including contacts, calendars, files, tasks, notes and journals.

IceWarp Collaboration Features

This reference explains how users of IceWarp GroupWare can create and manage contacts, calendar events, tasks, and more. It also illustrates how to synchronize data between the server and mobile devices.


WebClient User Guide


Focusing on the many features and options of IceWarp WebClient, this guide provides users with all the practical knowledge they will need when working with WebMail, WebIM, WebPhone, WebSMS, and more.

WebClient Administration Guide

The WebClient Administration Guide helps administrators manage IceWarp WebClient, a platform that possesses a number of web-based solutions, including WebMail, WebIM, WebPhone, WebSMS, and more.

TeamChat Administration Guide

This brief guide explains administrators how to manage TeamChat feature from <strong>Administration Console</strong> and <strong>WebAdmin</strong> as well.

Desktop Client Applications

This section contains guide for all Desktop applications that available together with IceWarp server.

IceWarp Notifier

This guide explains how administrators can install and configure IceWarp Notifier, which notifies users when new email reaches their inbox. Plus, this guide explains how to integrate IceWarp Notifier with IceWarp WebClient.

IceWarp Desktop Client

IceWarp Desktop Client is a replacement for MS Outlook which provides the best experience for IceWarp end users on the desktop. This guide, written for users, describes the installation and configuration process.

IceWarp Outlook Sync

IceWarp Outlook Sync lets end users synchronize information between IceWarp Server and MS Outlook. This guide, written for users, describes the easy installation and configuration process.


Our guides on API and Server Variables help to keep system administration efficient and streamlined.

API Reference

The API Reference shows administrators how to use IceWarp API to maintain basic tasks with IceWarp Email Server objects.

Migration Tools

IceWarp Server includes an integrated Migration Tool right out of the box. Read more and migrate your user's data (emails and accounts) seamlessly with minimal service interruption. 

Axigen Migration Guide

Axigen Migrator - User Guide is describing usage of our free migration tool for migration from Axigen to IceWarp.

MDaemon Migration Guide

MDaemon Migrator - User Guide is describing usage of our free migration tool for migration from MDaemon to IceWarp.

Kerio Migration Guide

Kerio Migrator - User Guide is describing usage of our free migration tool for migration from Kerio to IceWarp.

IceWarp to IceWarp Migration Guide

IceWarp to IceWarp Migration Guide is designed to help you reliably move an existing IceWarp installation and data to the new machine or to the cloud.

Exchange Migration Guide

Exchange Migration Guide will guide you through the process of migration from Microsoft Exchange to IceWarp Server. Migrated data cover emails, permissions and groupware data. 

Integrated Migration Tool

Find our more about the way how to simply, and safely, migrate current users and mail to the new server. 

All documentation

Download package containing all documentation related to latest versions. 

Version 11.4.x

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Version 11.3.x

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Version 11.2.x

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