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Cloud services offered in the WebMarket can be tied up with on-premises deployment. Once the account is created it is possible to add more services or create multiple instances and manage all subscriptions from one central place. Immediate access to real-time statistics enables effective allocation of company's resources.


Multiple Instances Management

WebMarket is designed for companies managing more cloud instances at one time, such as headquarters with international branches, system integrators or hosting providers.

Multiple Instances Management

Easy Subscription

Unlimited number of cloud instances can be easily created under one account and sorted to different groups. All instances are charged separately and transparently from available credit based on the conditions of the particular subscription.

Simple Management

All information is centralized in one user-friendly interface. Everything important is visible and easily accessible right from the main screen.


Real-time updates on the subscription with possibility to upgrade storage according to current needs.


Quick contact to technical or sales support in case of any doubt, directly from the application.


Real-time view of available credit and monthly subscriptions' cost under details of all instances.

IceWarp Cloud

IceWarp Cloud was created for easy deployment and management of cloud services. Just like the box version.

IceWarp Cloud

Fully Functional

With IceWarp Cloud you are receiving full IceWarp functionality:

  • Online Collaboration with WebDocuments
  • Online Communication including Chat and Email
  • WebPhone & WebMeetings
  • Mobile Synchronization
  • Outlook Integration
  • SSL Certificate

Unlimited Users

With IceWarp you don't need to care about number of users. Choose a plan that works for you and pay just for the storage you are effectively using.

Shared Storage

We don't charge per user. The storage is available to the whole team and can be allocated based on individual team members' needs.

Flexible Upgrades

On WebMarket you can easily upgrade your existing subscription, manage your billing information and flexibly sign-up to other complementary services.

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