Meet SmartAttach®

IceWarp SmartAttach™ provides more powerful attachment handling. True to its name, SmartAttach intelligently stores attachments locally on your server and makes them available to email recipients through an embedded hyperlink. This increases security, reliability, accessibility and resource efficiency when sending attachments of all sizes.

Send large attachments via IceWarp® mail

Share Large Attachments Easily in IceWarp
Free and Unlimited SmartAttach® usage included with all IceWarp licenses.

1GB per file

Why do you need SmartAttach® technology?

  • It allows deletion of any attachment post-send
  • It is resource-efficient
  • It simplifies deployment of large
    mailing lists with large attachments
  • It provides flexible file storage
    in IceWarp Documents
  • It reduces the number
    of load spikes
  • It saves bandwidth
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