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Startup and small business

Small business package at an unbeatable price.

10 users package
200GB email, 1TB file storage
Free 3 months
Cancel any time without a charge
To proceed with account creation, please choose the datacenter to store your data or the provider to purchase from.
user /month
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Hosted Email
Enhanced security of your data
Control your daily agenda
Desktop & mobile communication app with free guest access
Up to 1000 attendees
Unlimited HD recording
Record your calls including video
Collaborative editing
Real-time document editing with colleagues
Antispam and antivirus protection
Mobile sync
Exchange Active Sync
user /month
($1.49 per user)
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Startup package
Up to
10 users
Start small, grow big, use all features all the time.
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Browser-only experience

IceWarp's all-in-one environment runs in the browser, so you can spend your entire business day in a single window. Without installing additional software, if you prefer.

Office file editing

Good enough for day-to-day editing of documents, spreadsheets and slideshows, including real-time collaboration with others. Microsoft file-format compatibility guaranteed.

Grows with your business

Even if you start small, IceWarp is robust enough to scale with you all the way to thousands of users. Mix and match users and features with all the flexibility you need.

Enterprise-strength collaboration solution

All components are seamlessly integrated both in user experience and back-end. As your needs grow, you are free to add further features.

Major mobile and desktop platforms supported

IceWarp supports relevant industry standards for seamless use in iOS and Android, macOS and Windows. Feel free to use IceWarp's web-based apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, or popular third-party apps.

Ideal for companies of all sizes

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